How to Clean Tinted Windows for Car and Home

Nowadays people are interested in using the tinted windows. While using window film, do you know how to clean tinted windows? Before going to the answer directly let see why the tinted glass has got so much popularity?  

The tinted windows provide various benefits. These are-

  • Privacy to avoid prying eyes.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays and infrared rays
  • Sleek and shiny look which enhances the outlook of the car or home.

You can buy the tinted windows that come directly from the factory. On the other hand, after buying the car, you can tint the car by the DIY process.

Caring for the tinted car is not complicated one. The process is very easy. Just you need to ensure that you know the process properly. Otherwise, if you apply the ammonia based cleaner without knowing, it’ll damage the tinted windows instantly. One thing to remember,  if you’re using factory installed tinted windows, they’re not a film. Thus, you can use the commercial glass cleaner for that kind of window.  

Part 1: Preparation before Cleaning Window Tint

Find a shade for parking

It’s recommended to park the car in the garage. Parking in the sun causes the cleaning agent to dry up quickly. So it gets difficult to soap up, rinse or dry off in a proper way. Thus, you’ll end up with incomplete cleaning job! So if the garage is not available, choose a suitable tree for the parking.

But one thing to remember, some trees have sap which can damage your car. It makes the car discolored. So before parking under the tree shade ensure that there is no sap coming out from the tree.

Enemies for the tinted windows

You need to know what products can kill the quality of the tinted windows. There’re some products which are harmful to the tinted windows and thus reduce life. These are-

  • Ammonia based products
  • Paper towels
  • Newspapers
  • Scouring pads
  • Any abrasive product etc

Ammonia products cause the material to be dry, imperfect and brittle.

**Note: People use razor blade or knife for smoothing the tinted window and bring the bubbles out. But it might cause imperfection and lines in the film. So better to use credit card wrapped in soft cloth and release the bubbles out.

Clean your windows at the end of all cleaning

Clean the other parts of the car and keep the window cleaning for the last step. While cleaning other parts, the windows might get dirty due to spraying, splattering, etc. so clean the car thoroughly inside and outside and finally, go for cleaning the tinted windows.

Part 2: Methods for cleaning tinted windows

Method 1: Clean the windows in a natural way

It’s the best way for cleaning the lightly soiled tinted windows for regular cleaning. Since the film is made from a thin plastic, so the excessive chemicals can damage the quality of the film. So clean the tinted windows naturally.

Necessary materials:

  • Spray bottle of water
  • Microfiber cloths   

Step1: Spray the window with water. Spray it from the spray bottle in such a way that there’ll be light mist onto the glass. You can wipe it by spraying to the cloth. When you’re cleaning the tinted side, be careful.

Step2: At first wipe vertically with the help of microfibre. Next, go for the horizontal wiping. Wipe it until all the droplets vanished.  

Step 3: Check whether there are any specks of dirt or streaks on the glass. As you’re using cloths for removing the dirt, so there might be streaks. Use the fresh side of the cloth and repeat the process to clean the window fully.

Step 4: Wipe the top edge of the glass by rolling down the window. If you avoid cleaning the top edges, you’ll observe the dirt line every time you roll down the tinted glass.

Step 5: Repeat the steps for cleaning all the windows

Step 6: After cleaning all the car windows, clean the interior windows.

Method 2: Cleaning with glass cleaner

Avoid ammonia-based glass cleaner. It’s used for removing the tinted film from the window. So it’s not a good option to use ammonia as a glass cleaner.

Necessary materials:

  • Lint free cloth
  • Glass cleaner

Step 1:  Use ammonia free glass cleaner like- Stoner Invisible Glass, foaming glass cleaner, etc. Besides, you can spray the cleaner onto your cloth and wipe the glass if you want to avoid spots on the window.

Step 2: Clean the full window. Clean it faster so that it doesn’t get dry easily. And cover every edge of the window.

Step 3: Follow the cleaning pattern. Clean vertically, then horizontally so that the glass cleaner dissipates completely.   

Step 4: If you clean with the excessive dirty cloth, then you’ll notice streaks. So avoid excessive dirty cloth.

Step 5: Repeat the work and clean it until it doesn’t show any streaks. Use the cleaner side of the cloth.  

Step 6: Clean all the interior window in the same way. You can even clean the exterior window with the same product.  

Method 3: Cleaning process for very dirty tinted window film

The window gets dirty when people smoke inside the car. Again, when there is a coolant residue on the glass due to the leaking of the heater core, then the windows get very dirty.

So in that case, you need various treatments for cleaning the residue. The best treatment is to use soap and water mixture.  After that, you can follow the glass-cleaning process for removing the streaks.

Necessary materials:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bucket of warm water
  • Soft sponge
  • Dishwashing soap- it should have grease-cutting formula for removing the heavy, sticky residue

Step 1: In the bucket of warm water, add a teaspoon of soap per gallon. Then insert sponge to soak in the soapy water.

Step 2: Now take out the sponge from the warm water and squeeze it properly so that there is no dripping. Now with this sponge wipe off the windows. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the water runs down the car windows. The sponge will collect all the residue and if it gets dirty, rinse it and wring it before using.   

Step 3: Now wipe out with the help of soft microfiber cloth. Wait until the window gets dry. You can notice some streaks on the window.  

Step 4: Repeat the steps for cleaning all the windows.

Step 5: Now clean the windows with the safe procedure.  

Part 3: DIY Tint Safe Cleaner

Collect the necessary ingredients:

  • Distilled water
  • Baby soap
  • Spray bottle
  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

There are 3 main components to make the ammonia free tint safe cleaner. Soap water and alcohol. Use distilled water with it which is calcium or lime-free. Thus, there’ll be no spots or streaks in the tint.  

Mix the ingredient in a spray bottle

Clean a spray bottle properly and clean out dust or residue inside it if present. Then add 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol with a few drops of baby soap. Now add distilled water and mix the mixture properly after screwing the cap.  


  • Alcohol helps to dissolve oil and grease which was the result of the fingerprint on the window.
  • You can save a significant amount of money by making the own safe cleaner. The ingredients have long shelf life. So you can make it to a great quantity for the later use.

Apply the safe cleaner

Apply the cleaner to the tinted surface in the same way as the glass cleaner as mentioned earlier. Follow the steps and complete the cleaning.

Spray the cleaner heavily where the tinting looks dirtiest. The allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Besides, allow the cleaner to sit on the edges of the window also. While cleaning, use two microfiber cloth. One cloth is for using scrubbing away and wiping oil, grease, dust, etc. On the other hand, another cloth is for drying the remaining moisture after cleaning.       

If you find a difficult to stain, you need to spray heavily. Let the cleaner sit there for more than 5 minutes. Then wipe it out thoroughly. Repeat the process several times to remove the deep stain completely.  

In order to make you car drip free, dampen the cloths and wipe firmly. Thus, it will lessen the drip formation. On the other hand, if the droplets drizzle down, wipe it out instantly.

Look for the missed spots

Check for the missed spots. If you find difficulty in watching the spots, change the angle of looking. When you find the spots, take the ammonia free safe cleaner into the cloth and wipe it out firmly. Then dry it and buff the film with the drying cloth. You’re perfectly done when you make your glass completely spotless.  

Final words

Finally, did you get how to clean tinted windows? The process is quite easy and simple. Just you need to be careful while spraying the cleaner. Ensure that it’s ammonia free cleaner. That’s it! Then start cleaning the tinted windows.

William Roach

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