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36″ X 100′ Ft Roll 20% Window Tint 2 Ply Professional Dark Charcoal Tint Film Review

36″ X 100′ Ft Roll 20% Window Tint 2 Ply Professional Dark Charcoal Tint Film Review

Looking for a window tint to save your window, mirror or glass from getting broken? Want something that can protect your home or office window and let you move easily inside the room without worry? Then I want to shed light on 36″ X 100′ Ft Roll 20% Window Tint 2 Ply Professional Dark Charcoal Tint Film Review which has good thickness equivalent to 4 mil and can absorb impact due to any accident or mild earthquake and hold the shattered glass together. This is a safety and security film. So it’s a good option for you to save door or window made of glass.

It’s not only a security film but assists in UV rejection, high durability, absorb impact and has transparency and optical clarity.

Hence, if your budget permits, you can keep this window tint in your choice list. Have a look on the Roll Window Professional Charcoal Adhesive Tint Review below.

4 mil Window Film

This is the thickness of the film. It starts from 2 Mil- the thinnest and ended to 12 mil- the thickest.

The thicker the film is, the higher is its security. So, you can find here 4 mil clear window film. It’s easier to work with compared to 8 mil but not strong like 8 mil.

It’ll help to absorb impacts, and it won’t tear easily.

Easy Installation

You can easily install Roll Window Professional Charcoal Adhesive Tint. Maybe you find it hard to install by your own. You may need another one to help you. But you can finish bit in a matter of minutes.

To install, at first, wash the window thoroughly. Use plenty of sprays but my request, don’t be cheap on the spray because the excellent installation depends mostly on the spraying. After that, use the squeegee to bubble out. Work from the center to outward. If you think that all the bubbles are out, still continue using the squeegee for more than 5-10 minutes.

Finally, installation is over.

Security Film

Roll window tint is mainly a security film. So you can expect to get protection from glass breakage and keep it unseen. It’s one of the most popular security films.

Good for Home, Office or Building but not for Vehicles

You can apply it in the home or office window but don’t try in the vehicle window. Because due to the thickness you might find difficulty in rolling the windows up and down.

High Longevity Due to Professional Adhesive

Professional Charcoal Adhesive Window Tint has high longevity due to the adhesive material. The adhesive material is of high quality and thus you don’t need to compromise with its durability. It won’t tear or break easily.

Reduce damage, absorbs impact from sudden break

It prevents glass breakage and absorb impact from the break. As a result, you can lower the level of damage. Again, the transparent film holds the shards of glass together. Hence, it minimizes the danger level.

Shows Transparency and Optical Clarity but Assists in UV Rejection

The window film has optical clarity and transparency. Though the transparency is unmatched, it’s clear.

It’s not only 4 mil clear film, but it rejects UV rays up to 99% which is harmful to our body, for our eyes. UV rays can results in blindness even.


  • Easy to install.​
  • Great product according to price.
  • It offers optical clarity.
  • 99% UV ray rejection.
  • Absorbs impact from the sudden break.
  • Security film.​​​​​
  • Safety film even in the mild earthquake.
  • Good thickness to reduce damage.
  • Hold the shattered glass together in accident.


  • Don’t install in the area near hair or fur as the static from the peeling will attract them.
  • Difficult to remove it after installation.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the difference among 2mil, 4mil, 8mil and 12mil?

Ans: this is the thickness of the security film. The greater the mil number, the thicker the glass.

2. In which side is the film applied?

Ans: On the interior side of the window.

3.Do all the toolkit available in the delivery?

Ans: A razor and a small squeegee come with the delivery, but you have to manage spray bottle and soap.

Final thought

The Roll Window Professional Charcoal Adhesive Tint is above 100$. It’s expensive. So if your budget permit, you can think of buying this security film at home or office. For more detail information, you can visit Amazon.com

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