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20% window tint vs 35% window tint vs 70% window tint

35% window tint vs 50% window tint vs 70% window tint

Honestly, you can’t cut the chase if you’re yet to figure out the suitable tint percentage for your vehicle.

However, there’s always a conflict between 35% window tint and 20% window tint. And you’re already pretty convinced that 35% is the best to apply. But, what about 70% window tint?

Does it worth your penny?

And how about 20% window tint? Are you thinking that it can’t stand your expectations?

Ugh! Too many questions! Well, that’s why I am here!

Today I am gonna narrow down the confusions between 20% window tint vs 35% window tint vs 70% window tint. Check em’ out.

Let’s start with the eligible one! Any guesses which one it would be? I think you guessed it right! Yes, it’s the 35% window tint I am talking about. Well, you don’t wanna get sun burned by sitting by your luxurious car, do you?

 Just Imagine, you spending 100 of dollars on your skin care and car luxury and if there is no window tint would it be SMART at all? We all know nowadays there has been an increasing chance of skin cancer which is caused by the UV-rays emitted by the sun.

Well, 35% tremendously gets the job done and provides good coverage. Moreover, it will reduce glare by 90%. It will provide proper privacy. I would say 35% is a good choice tint wisely.

However, you can see through whats inside from outside, which is barely a problem. Anyways 35% tint won’t cause any problem. You will be safe from cops,  trust me you will and in anyway if they catch you, dude I must say that cop must be having a really bad day.

 But lets cut to the chase 35% is the minimum amount compared to 20%. 20% is much darker compared to both the normal and 35%. If you wanna drive safe and free mindfully then I would prefer to go for 35% window tint as because you may stress about being fined by the cops. Wasting money for no good reason creates a really bad mood, this may create an unnecessary expense. You do realise that window tints add to the aesthetics to the car, so don’t you wanna enhance your baby-like car?

Don’t wanna give your car a good makeover and a beast like a look. Having your car nicely tinted won’t cost you much like come on if you wanna enjoy the rides and trips to heavenly places with peace and prosperity you need to make adjustments especially when you live in a country where the sun is always ahead of you.

The price range varies from $50-$600. In either way, some people also go for more, $100-$800 or more for high-performance ceramics, speciality tints films, metallics and coloured. So to be specific cars usually lasts for years or decades so it anyways outweighs the price.

 Let me tell you another interesting fact, the car leather seats will not get damaged by the UV rays if your car is well tinted. I believe that before purchasing anything you need to acquire proper information about the product.

Here is 20% on the other hand, 20% gives much better coverage than 35% itself and 70% as well. Better coverage will provide better privacy, however, this if you reside in an area when the sun is always ahead of you, I think going for the 20% window tint is a much better idea, a wise one to be specific.

 Here is another interesting fact right here. Applying 20% tint will not only save your skin but will also protect the interior of your car for instance leather seats. 20%, however, does a better job but it may somehow cause problems if this kind of tint is not allowed in your region.

Well,, 35% may provide the features of a window tint that we want in a car but hey 20% gives a little bit more! Great ! isn’t it? Adding tint to cars like Mercedes Benz, Audis makes it look much more attractive yet harmless at the same time. Now it’s your turn to choose which one you would like to go for 35% or 20%? A tough competition it is! Isn’t it? Well, why am I here for? Let me jot down the features of both of them so that you can take a wise decision and stick to your desire. As I said before, before spending your valuable money always know things right. And for spending it correct you need the proper information which is why I am here.


There is a good balance between visibility and protection
Scratch proof
Last for a long time
Blocks UV rays
Slight difference between regular and tinted one.


Less privacy


Heat and UV protection
Lasts a long time
Little bit more darker than 35%


Cops may interfere

Here are few things you need to know before purchasing the right percentage of window tints

Tint Level:  As in the amount or the percentage of tint that a company affords to offer. You need to properly analyse which tint level is best for your car based on the weather, your own preferences and the laws in your region.

Application Ease: you need a proper expert to apply the tint on your car orelse any disruption will cause a loss.

Longevity: Examine how long a particular tint will last on your car after being continuously exposed to the elements.

Total Cost: cost is a matter of fact when It comes to the good ones. I have mentioned the qualities before.

If we talk about the tint level provided by the 20% one , it gives more the 35%. On the other hand benefits are with in. We believe the beauty of your car speaks a lot about your personality. So if you are eager to enhance your personality , you should do it right. For which you need learn more. And make things happen. Let’s look for another option. Let’s say 70% tint.

Do you guys happen to know about 70% window tint. If not then give it read.

70% window tint is a much lighter version of 35%. It’s barely black. But it assures to keep the heat out as well as UV rays. It has a light blue feel to it. If you don’t want your front windows to be too dark. You may go for this one. It gives clear cut view at night. Nothing is crazy about this particular tint. Just a subtle way to enhance your car.

You might be wondering what more benefits can 70% window tint can give, well you see when parking our cars in the parking lot. The sunlight within makes the whole interior hot and unbearable.

Here’s the remedy a 70% window tint will help keep the interior less hot. 35% and 20% will do a much better job. It filters out both heat and light. Well, you can adjust the 70% window tint on your car’s windshield. As its barely visible. It’s not legal but anyone barely notices a 70%.

Just imagine it will help keep your car much cooler. As I mentioned before it looks virtually clear. So you don’t need to worry about getting pulled over. It will reduce a little bit of glare about upcoming headlights. So if you think a 70% window tint is useless, it is not at all.

The window tints maybe a lot more efficient in sunlight or in evenings, but before purchasing them did you ever gave a thought about what might be the possible situation that may cause damage, absolute damage that’s beyond repairs. In other to know more about them, what you should do is to keep an eyes on what am I about say next.

Well, 35% was never a problem and never will. 35% window tint is definitely not the trouble maker. It will provide proper see-through, as well as you will be able to see the curves and turns of the road with a clear vision. In short, it will provide proper privacy as well as it is very safe to drive at night. There might be two situations:

  1. With street light
  2. Without street lights

With street lights it’s safe and trustworthy as I mentioned before. Roads without street lights is a very rare case. But yet knowledge is power so I don’t think it will cause much of a problem. It will be a little difficult for the drive but that’s subtle. 35% tint is not hard at all. Imagine if you are going on a road trip or long drive, like we all love to go on  long drives at night don’t we? I do and ahh! That’s the most blissful moment of life. The road, the sky and the view are beyond beautiful.

With a 35% window tint you can experience those views and enjoy ‘em all like I do. And trust me you won’t regret it. Lets just say a 35% is a perfect match for both evening and night.

What are your guesses about the 20% window tint? Would it be as impressive as 35% one? Well let’s see. With a 20% window tints you can see curves and turns on road like 35% one. However, 20% does hinder your vision at night. But it’s still very very safe to drive at night.

Pulling up the two scenarios:

With light it totally safe and wont cause any problem. As long as street lights accompany you, you are good to go. But what without lights?

Yes it is a bit dark if you compare it with the regular one. Without light it will be a lot more difficult to handle. For some people it will be very dark at night but this is completely mild.

I would still recommend to drive with 20% window tint at night as because you can see lights, houses, street signs, animals, the road curves and all. So let’s cut to the chase 20% is also not a issue at all.

Have you ever imagined what would it be like with a 70% tint at night?

I think you already know the answer and yes you do! A 70% window tint is barely a problem at all. It’s won’t cause any barriers. In fact your eyes will be safe from those brutally deep head light of other vehicles. In short 70% window tint is a blessing for the windshields. Amazing! Isn’t it? And if we pull up the two scenarios we can conclude that a 70% window tint wont make any difference. The regular one and the tinted one is almost the same. So yeah no worries buddy!

What comes next? You might be wondering that now that I have understand the percentage and their behaviour so certain situations, is there anything I need to know more? Yes bud you do. Well, as I mentioned before your car’s beauty reflects your personality. And in order to make your car more enhancing and protective at the same time you gotta need to know which percentage of tints suits the windows the most. Normally there are like 4 windows in a vehicle, and if we count in the front and the rear one , the total would me 6. Would you tint 6 of them with a 20%? You won’t would you? If you do that’s really a bad choice. And that’s no joke. Let’s just say you went to a window tint shop and you know nothing about what tint you should take and bought 5 sets of tint with a 5% in it? Do you know what might be the aftermath? A)You will not be able to drive properly at night. 

B) you be completely blank if you tint your windshield with a 5% window tint.

C) the cops will fine you for sure.

D) it will make you look dumb.  

Well here is what you should do. The windshield is basically one of the main ingredients of car. A windshield help the driver to see everything on the road, guides to drive. And most importantly it doesn’t let the wind come inside the car. When we drive we are basically going against the wind which is why it play a vital role. A 70% window tint is my perspective is the best to apply for the windshield. And if you have a question regarding “why?” Look up and you will know why.

Now that the recommendation for the windshield is done. What about front two windows? What do you think? Which one should we go for? 20% or 35%? Well its your choice but I would recommend 35% is a much better choice. Well as the front window will also help you to direct while driving and the passenger sit beside may also need a clear cut view to everything. A 35% window tint for the front ones would actually be a wise decision. I have included all the reasons why it would be wise. So you know the drill.

Let’s take a look at the back two windows, what do you recommend for the back ones? As I mentioned before if you need privacy and more coverage from the sun, 20% window tint will be a better choice. Back window are specially for the family members or other friends or your kids maybe? So if you attach a 20% it will be more comfortable for them to sit and have a safe journey with the ultimate comfort in between. No one wants to get sun bathe by sitting in a car? Does anyone? Having a sun bath in a beach would be fun and all? But in a car? No man no! So if we conclude the pros and cons and the other scenarios I have mentioned. I think 20% will get the job done.

We have almost came across everything. Now its your responsibility to make the right choice and do right. Remember your each penny matters. And thinking wise means thinking smart. You can get the tints done at home or at a shop. I would recommend doing it jn a good car garage. With the help of an expert ofcourse! As everything needs a good finish and details matter. You shouldn’t take any risk when you are modifying your baby like car? 

At last but not the least go for the right brand. The quality of the windshield matters a lot specially when you are a regular car user. Weather changes also effects the tints. Make sure you buy them with certified good quality. According to me I would prefer lexen computer pre cut tint kit as I have used it and it was satisfying. But do research more!

Anyways drive safe. Sighing off!

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