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10 Best Window Tint Review and Buying Guide 2022

Best Window Tint

Do you want some aesthetic vibe in your regular vehicle window? Why waiting then? A suitable window tint film is all you need to grab in!

Honestly, this window tint film is not supposedly a hype or craze. It’s beyond fascination.

Wondering why? Well, then imagine driving with the heavy sunlight coming directly amid your window. Annoying! Isn’t it?

Sigh! Here, in this very article, I will walk you along the path to choose the best window tint film popping around the world. And? Obviously will be your buying guide too. No worries.

Now What’s That Window Tint Thingy Again!

It’s a coating used for blocking the sunlight and UV rays. Not only this, it refers to an extraordinary film which allows you to customize your window color reflections.

Here’s another essential thing to notice, that you must abide by the laws before getting your window tint done.

Quick Glimpse on Why You Need This Stuff

  1. Reduces Glare
  2. Privacy/Security
  3. Safety
  4. Vehicle Enhancement
  5. Solar Benefits

Here’s a table given for quick checks on the best 10 window tints of 2020. And also, it’s material type and film size:

Image Product Name Material Type Film Size

LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon All Windows Precut Tint Kit

LEXEN Computer Pre-Cut Complete Tint Kit

Computer Cut

Multi Size

Buy at Amazon

T-View T2bk3536 Window Tint

UEi T-View T2bk3536 Window Tint 36x100 Roll

Double Plied 1.0 Mil-Film

38 x 5 x 5 inches

Buy at Amazon

MotoShield Pro Precut Ceramic Tint Film

MotoShield Pro Precut Ceramic Tint Film

Nano ceramic

43 x 2 x 2 inches

Buy at Amazon

Automotive Window Tint - 35% 22

Automotive Window Tint


22" x 50ft

Buy at Amazon


Diablo 2 Ply Professional Dark Charcoal Tint Film

Double plied

36" X 100 inches

Buy at Amazon

LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon 20

LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon 20" X 100FT Roll Window Tint Film

Double plied 1.5 mil film

20" X 100FT

Buy at Amazon

Tint Kits (Computer Cut) For All Four Door Trucks (Full Tint)

Tint Kits (Computer Cut) For All Four Door Trucks (Full Tint)

Computer Cut

31 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches

Buy at Amazon

Tint Kits (Computer Cut) For All Four Door Cars (E) Full Tint With Tool Kit

Tint Kits (Computer Cut) For All Four Door Cars (E) Full Tint With Tool Kit

Computer Cut

36 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches

Buy at Amazon

Tview T2BK0540 40

Tview T2BK0540 40" x 100' Roll of 5% Window Tint

Double plied 1.0 Mil-Film

42 x 5 x 5 inches

Buy at Amazon

Auto Expressions 5044535 Charcoal Grey Film Static Cling

Auto Expressions 5044535 Charcoal Grey Film Static Cling

Static Cling
26 x 78 inches

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10 Best Window Tint Reviewed

1. LEXEN Computer Pre-Cut Complete Tint Kit for All Windows

LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon All Windows Precut Tint Kit - Great Heat Reduction

This one is undoubtedly a quality pick. Because this brand provides pre-cut window films already. Thus, you really don’t need to worry or stress much about cutting it.

On the other hand, it not only offers one particular amount of tints. Yes, they provide approximately 50%, 35%, 20%, 15% and 5% of tint shades. So, here is a plus point. You can easily pick yours, according to your preference.

Apart from all of this, the application of window tint matters the most. As you don’t wanna mess up with the application and waste your money, I will tell you how to apply LEXEN computer pre-cut tint.

Know the Application

Things you need

1.    Soapy water.

2.    A stable surface. You can use your spacious kitchen cabinet.

3.    A razor blade.

4.    Spray Bottle.

5.    Grab a baby shampoo for better result.

How to Apply

First of all, you need to lay your window tint cutouts on the surface. Now, while removing the cutouts, don’t be harsh. Keep patience because it might tear. One thing you need to watch out is, don’t mess with the clear backing part.

Now, its time to clean your window and attach the sheet over it. For this, you need to hand a spray bottle full of soapy water and keep spraying the sheet. Because it’s very tricky while peeling off the film cover. You can ask for someone’s help.

I personally prefer baby shampoo because most detergents are harsh. Afterward, use a razor blade to clean your window. Here, you should be very careful. You need to keep the razor blade flat and gentle. Keep striking it until the window looks clean.

But for rear windows don’t use razor blades. Here you can use a dish wash bar. Now, after cleaning it well, stick the film cover over your window properly. And you are done! Hopefully, you will have a fantastic view. Good Luck.


This brand provides all of the application tools except a spraying bottle. So this is a significant advantage here. Also, it claims color stability for a lifetime.




I personally was overwhelmed by its service and tools but as it doesn’t provide any warranty or guaranty, I got disappointed a bit.

Still, after using it, the overall experience was good enough. Because without any doubt if you apply it properly then you will be satisfied.

Buy at Amazon

2. UEi T-View T2bk3536 Window Tint 36x100 Roll Tint 35%

UEi T-View T2bk3536 Window Tint 36x100 Roll Tint 35%

Well, it is an entry-level film (2 Ply: 1.0 Mil-Film) and easily applicable at curved surfaces. At first glance, you will notice a slightly purple hue. Which is a hint that it might fade away soon.

Overall, the price is affordable, and it comes with only 35% tint percentage. Honestly, it’s not a pro tint film like others, but it will get your job done in short budget and if you aren’t admiring professional lookup.


The application here is straightforward as the earlier one. Use a brush while cleaning. After cleaning procedures, you need to peel off the film and stick it on your window. As its not cut-out type, you might need to cut it out as your choice.

Here, one thing you need to keep in mind is, do not ever fold your window films. Because it will crack then or have scars on it.




Generally speaking, this one is the best if you are looking for something affordable and want to protect your interiors from UV light. You can keep changing that film often because it’s inexpensive and easy to install.

Buy at Amazon

3. MotoShield Pro PreCut Ceramic Tint Film - For Sedan and Coupe 2011 or Later Model

 MotoShield Pro Precut Ceramic Tint Film

You might not know that ceramic films are the highest quality film of all window films. Therefore, this one doesn’t lack any required feature.

Its pre-cut films make the installation easy. You will be astonished to know that it comes with numerous tint shades for different parts.

Such as, you can choose 70% for the front windshield, 50% for your front two windows, 15% for rear doors and 5% for the rear window. Flabbergasted?

Inside goodies

  1. It provides pre- cut nano ceramic films
  2. IRR 95% to 99%
  3. It includes pre-cut front windshield, pre-cut rear shield, passenger and driver window sides, applicable to any vent or quarter window, all cargo side windows etc.


  1. Cleaning: Before the installation use glass cleaner to remove all dusts, oil or residues not only from the windows but also the surroundings.
  2. Peeling: Peel off all the excess material from the film on a flat spacious surface. Don’t peel window shapes at first. Instead start it from the scored lines and pull away from the window shapes.
  3. Align pre-cut tint: After peeling off the excess film away from your window, spray the tint solution outside of the respective glass and lay the pre-cut on the outside to flatten the film. The liners should face you.
  4. Heat shrink: If you have curved window, you need to heat shrink your tint films with the heat gun.
  5. Spray the adhesive surface: Now, spray the adhesive surface with your tint application solution. Apply a decent amount to the inside glasses as well.
  6. Align carefully and place your window film: Lastly, be careful while placing your film and try not to freak out. Have patience and you are finally done!




Overall, it is a wholesome quality packed window tint out there. No matter which part of your car or vehicle you want to tint, it will fit all the way.

Buy at Amazon

4. Automotive Window Tint - 35% 22" x 50ft

Automotive Window Tint - 35% 22

This one provides 38 inches to 22 inches tinting sheet and basic rejection properties in hot summer days. It gives an instant decent tinted appearance to your window. Nothing funky or too flashy. It’s affordable and straightforward.

However, it’s a 35% tint film which tremendously works in protecting reflections. So, if you are into that, then this one is the right choice. Because it’s suitable for all window types and also a non- reflective window tint.

Now, you might prefer tinting one particular corner of your window. Therefore, you need to slice it about 22 inches if it’s the side windows. Or else, 38 inches will do all of your window tintings.

Check out the application

Almost all the tint application formula is the same, but some of them require more effort. That’s it.

Here, convenient soapy water, a cleaning brush, spray bottle, razor blade to scrape of the debris, a paper towel can also be used.


  1. Clean the glass gently with that cleaning substitute. As it is really important to have debris free window to install window films.
  2. Now to scrape off the debris or dirt you can use a razor blade. But while using it, be careful about not pressing it harshly. Otherwise it might tear.
  3. After the whole cleaning method of the surface, start rinsing the window with application solution.
  4. You need to be very careful, while paper towel as it can leave lint on the glass.
  5. Afterwards, you need to measure the height and width of the glass surface as you aren’t likely to mess up with slicing.
  6. Always pre-cut your films approximately, 1″ wider and higher than your measurement.
  7. After adjusting it, the film will be trimmed.
  8. While removing the liner use scotch tape and stick them opposite each other at one corner. Then pull out to separate it from the film.
  9. To avoid stickiness over the surface, use application solution on the glass.
  10. Finally, attach your film onto the surface gently


Watch out carefully as there might remain any bubble or application solution. If you spot any bubbles, immediately wipe it off and then place your film.

Leave it for one day to have a better result.




As it provides DIY installation, it definitely deserves a try. Apart from this, automotive window tint offers UV protection, non-reflective tint and many more. Surprisingly, it’s super affordable.

This one deserves your bucks. Trust me!

Buy at Amazon

5. Diablo 2 Ply Professional Dark Charcoal Tint Film


This double plied film provides tremendously strong energy-absorbing adhesive with 20% tint. The two-ply formula helps it to adjust with the surface appropriately.

At first glance, you might freak out by the price. But trust me it worth your dollars. Because these window films are composed of polyester layers. Which ensures the break strength. Also, it creases very easily.


Now, if I start talking about features, then it assures no bubbles or fading, no purple shade, 0 dye and also extruded.

As it is dark charcoal tint, it’s pretty deep black. However, it provides blockage towards the direct sunlight and keeps your interior protected.


There’s no indifference in the application method. This one is kinda tricky to apply. But once you apply it you are done.

Do a lot of cleaning with application solution. Be careful, while scraping off the debris. Also, to avoid any crack or harsh line on your film, be gentle while striking the paper towel.

After completing the washing method, move on to the film application. Determine your preferable window length and width. Cut the film according to the sizes.

Now, remove the liner of the scotch tape and stick it on your window properly. Done!




Generally speaking, if you are into pliable, polyester made stuff then this one can probably be a delight for you mate. Once, you are done applying it, your stress over money won’t last anymore. Trust me!

Buy at Amazon

6. LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon 20" X 100FT Roll Window Tint Film

LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon 20

As its name implies, it is a premium pick with loads of advantages underlying.

It contains carbon pigments and provides 5%(Limo), 15%(Dark), 20%(Dark), 35%(Medium), 50%(Light) tint shades. Here, you will have that superior to choose yours and get your work done.

If I say about the price then it’s pretty obvious that premium stuff are likely to be expensive. It can be an issue for you. But overall, it provides excellent quality and professional service.

The application procedure

This one requires a professional hand, but still, you can apply it on your own.

Just like other films, you need to do a lot of cleaning stuff. Here, use a lot of soapy water and constantly keep spraying while washing. Continue doing it on both sides.

Now, take off the clear strip which protects adhesives. As it doesn’t come with cut-outs, you need to do the slicing according to your window edges.

Lastly. Peel off the strips carefully and adjust it on the window like stickers. And you are done.




It’s no doubt an outstanding window tint as its carbon pigmented. However, this one is widely cherished because of its professional touch and durability.

So, if money isn’t an issue for you then you have come to the right place.

 Add it to your cart now. Hope, this one won’t disappoint you.

Buy at Amazon

7. Tint Kits (Computer Cut) For All Four Door Trucks (Full Tint)

Tint Kits (Computer Cut) For All Four Door Trucks (Full Tint)

This one provides quality computer pre-cuts for any four-door trucks over there. However, it is double plied. Thus. It’s easily adjustable on curved surfaces.

Their tint kit includes tint for all windows except the windshield. It’s highly sophisticated for four-door trucks with its luxurious quality and service. It comes in shades of 5%, 20%, 35%, and 50%. Therefore, you have that authority to choose your preferred one.


  1. Double plied
  2. Computer cuts
  3. Several available shades
  4. Provides application tools
  5. Comes with tint kit


The application is the same as all pre-cut window films. For precise views, you can surf on YouTube videos.




Frankly, for trucks it works magically. The customers are happy and satisfied after every purchasing. If you are looking for four door truck window film, then that’s the ideal one.

Buy at Amazon

08. Tint Kits (Computer Cut) For All Four Door Cars Full Tint With Tool Kit

 Tint Kits (Computer Cut) For All Four Door Cars (E) Full Tint With Tool KitThis one is specially made for all four-door cars. It provides computer cut tints for your vehicle.

However, you can customize your own tint kit. Such as, if you intend to tint 5%, 20%, 35% or even 50%, you can have it by just informing the providers.

It doesn’t come pre-shrunk. So, you have to shrink it yourself. Luckily, they provide a video on the tint shrinking procedure.


You will have all the necessary tools in the tint kit for your four door car. From cleaning to applying, every tool exists there.


For installing them properly, check out their pre-cut tint application video. ‘Video link there’

The installation includes 4 steps.

  1. Cleaning all the dust or debris by using soapy water or glass cleaner.
  2. Using razor blade to scraping off the rough debris.
  3. Clean the inside part of your window as well.
  4. After cleaning, place your tint onto the front window. If there’s any dust remains, use the soapy water again.​




Give this one a shot. As it claims to provide quality tools and makes your tinting done effectively.

Buy at Amazon

09. Tview T2BK0540 40" X 100' Roll Of 5% Window Tint

Let me tell you first about Tview, and it is a very remarkable brand with efficient history and revolution. It claims high-quality products, as well. Thus, it’s super expensive.

It provides 20% VLT, which means that 20% light can come amid your window. Therefore, its super safe with legal issues. However, it is manufactured by high-grade raw materials.

As it is pliable, you can easily apply it on curved surfaces. Besides, it has 5% tinted film, which is a basic quantity. Surprisingly, it mounts all your requirements. Wanna know how? Let’s watch out its features.

Sneak peak of Tview Window Tint

  1. It is designed with precision tolerance
  2. Prevents bubbles and pealing
  3. Protects your interior from direct UV light
  4. It has quality check
  5. Easily resists high heat
  6. Pliable (2 Ply: 1.0 Mil-Film).
  7. Resilient & durable.

Interestingly, this one has multiple variation depending on tint percentage. Yes, you heard it right. Not only 5% tint, it comes with 20% and 35% tint also. Let’s check out them.

T-view T2bk2036 Window Tint 36×100 Roll Tint 20%

The Tview 20% tinted window film which has 36×100 Roll, provides pro-level tinting formula. However, this one is high priced too. As it offers quality service, customers are overwhelmed already.

You can easily apply it to your house windows too. I am not sure about the rear windows, and many customers complained that it doesn’t shrink properly. Therefore, except for the rear windows, you can surely apply it otherwise.

Here, I would like to mention the features which are similar to the 5% tinted film. As the company is the same. Still, it has bubble and pealing prevention power, UV light barrier, high heat resistant, pliability for curved surfaces, and precision tolerance too.

The Application

This one is very easy to apply. In fact, most of the window films application follow the same methods though many require extra tools or a professional hand.

As it’s an expensive one, you don’t really want to mess up with it. Otherwise, all your dollars might go in vain. Therefore, I will recommend you to have a helping hand while applying it.

You already know about the cleaning procedure. It requires lots of soapy water. As I said earlier, baby shampoo is the best substitute to clean your window. In order to that make an application solution with baby shampoo and pour it into a spray bottle
You can easily purchase a spray bottle from the nearby store or on Amazon. Then, start rubbing the window glass gently along with the spraying solution. Be careful with the stubborn debris. Here you can use a razor blade to scrape off the debris.

Afterward, rinse the window with that application solution and use a paper towel. Don’t be harsh there. After cleaning the surface, move on to the film adjusting procedure.

Here, you need to measure your window length and width, as you need to cut your film properly. It’s really important to slice your window film according to the length-width. Otherwise, it won’t fit on your window.

After cutting your film, remove the strip and stick it carefully on your window. To avoid stickiness use the solution. And you are done. Congratulations!




No matter how much costly it is, the end result will satisfy you anyways. As the brand claims its quality and durability, you can rely on it and give a try.

Also, if you are admiring something for flat windows, then this is the perfect one for you. Good luck.

Buy at Amazon

10. Auto Expressions 5044535 Charcoal Grey Film Static Cling

Auto Expressions 5044535 Charcoal Grey Film Static Cling

This tint is scratch-safe, squares 99 percent of UV beams, and doesn’t meddle with radio sign. It offers heat dismissal and shading security and is accessible in five shades.

The film is of high caliber and simple to cut, heat therapist, and control to fit the glass. It delivers a too spotless look, and there is no inception of any sort.

Throughout the mid-year or in hot atmospheres, the inside of your home can get exceptionally hot. The best auto tint will keep the inside cooler. Bright radiation from the sun can be extremely hurtful to the human body. It can cause various medical problems, for example, skin disease (melanoma), waterfalls, and untimely skin aging. When you’re inside your room, the sun can be splendid, which can cause eye weakness. It’s likewise increasingly hard to see individuals inside a room with a window tint. Window tint film has a glue layer that may keep the glass from breaking in the event that it is stuck in effect.




When looking for window film expected for homes in hot atmospheres, demand high LSG items, having qualities surpassing 1.0. At that point search for the most reduced SHGC esteem, you can discover in a film that isn’t questionably dim to the eye. For a brilliant, unshaded outside scene, particularly one with splendid, exceptionally reflecting surfaces in view outside the window, pick lower VT esteems, in the range from 0.25 to 0.4. Be cautious with qualities at the lower end of this range. In the event that the application is for a sunroom, the outcome may be unreasonably dim for you. For a dozing room, nonetheless, to some degree, the darker film can help stay away from the window-delivered glare.

Buy at Amazon

Before adapting any window tint for your vehicle, you need to determine, for what purpose you are gonna use it, what should you note down and what you should skip. Because end of the day you aren’t prone to regret. Are you?

Delight! Here my friend, I would love to be your trustworthy companion through your buying journey. Meaning what? Your buying guide, obviously!

No More Dilemmas! Here’s Your Best Window Tint Buying Guide.

It’s really funny how some peoples are jerking off without even knowing enough about window tint properties and requirements.

You aren’t probably one of them. But trust me, many of you should drag your eyes on the facts before buying window tints.

See, if I am practical here, then window tint is something you might need for safety purpose. But for me, it was a craze to customize my car.

Thus, it depends on your purpose. Hence, the first thing you gotta do is to determine your purpose and requirements. That’s basic.
Down below, I will illustrate some facts you should perceive before you get it installed.

Notice What Film is Being put on Your Car

There are thousands of manufacturer outta there and there’s tons of different films. The harsh reality is, there’s some filthy installers who might provide you bad films.

Undoubtedly, it’s cheaper than other films in both quality and price. You might get attracted to its affordable price but it won’t benefit you at all. Now, main point here is how to spot bad films.

  1. If you ever grasp a car passing while driving down the road and seen a car with purple window tint or bubbles in the window then it’s a bad film.

The shocking fact here is, you won’t perceive it’s a bad film until a year passes by. You will notice it, when your window tint starts fading, turn into purple and bubbles appearing.

I swear, if anybody is blabbering about 100 dollar window film, then it’s a trap! It’s a bad film. So attain abundant knowledge before installing your window tints.

Focus on the Variations

Insanely, there are different types of films on the market. The main 3 types are,

  1. Dyed Film: your dyed film is your entry level basic film. I personally, recommend this for customers, who just wants to block the sunlight coming across the window and get that aesthetic appearance.
  1. Metalized Film: all about metallic film is it just has that metalized layer in it. It’s overall a wonderful film. However, it’s great at blocking excessive heat.

A lot of peoples are going crazy over this one, because it really whine some metalized mirror vision. So, it doesn’t suit up to the factory tint that, you might see in SUVs and trucks.

It’s also can be signal interfering. Yes, you read it right. It can interfere with radio signals and cell phone signals. Thus, I personally don’t prefer to use that film.

  1. Ceramic Film: frankly speaking, I just love ceramic films. It’s awesome. Let me tell you why. Because they provides the same infrared heat reduction that come with a metalized film but it doesn’t have that signal fuss here.

Surprisingly, it matches very well up to the SUVs and trucks.

Therefore, you need to reconsider the underlying properties and services before choosing your variety.

Condition Applied!  Don’t Mess With the Law

Who wants to get into trouble? You surely don’t. Then you must adhere to the existing laws. For this particular precaution, you need to acknowledge the respective laws before purchasing window tints.

Generally, every state has its own regulations and legal intensity about how much tint should be applied or in which particular place.

As example, there are states where you don’t have that permission to cover the whole windshield with preferred tints. Meanwhile, you are allowed to apply tints on some selective areas. Such as, each parts about 5 to 6 inches or o the upper parts if your window.

On the other hand, some regions allow you to tint more than that. What’s necessary is, you aren’t supposed to cover the whole window. Because the light should come in. still, you can tint your screen. But, again be careful with the rules.

What else is crucial here is, you also need to come closer to the terms of applications. How much tint you are allowed to apply, in which part you aren’t permitted to apply etc. such as upper glasses, rear glasses, back window and much more.

So, before paying the penalties, perceive about the applied laws and restrictions. Because end of the day, you aren’t bound to hassle with your car.

For ample knowledge, approach all the local consultants about car tinting law.

DIY or Professional

Worrying much about the expenses?

Buying a window film is all about an additional budget.

 But here’s a cookie! You can always go for the DIY (Do it yourself). Cause, if professional comes to get the job done then you are likely to remain broke for months.

It will cost extra 100-500$! Not even kidding. Therefore, let the artist arise and to do it yourself.

You can also take a proper guideline from blogs or Youtube.

Too Hot in Your Area?

According to which area you are roaming around, your window film should be applied. If it’s too hot in your area then you are prone to purchase films that provides heat diffusing properties.

Some of the films absorbs the heat and spread that warmness into your car. Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing your window films.

Safeguard Yourself from Cancer! -UV Protection

You might think that, light dissolving is all you need to avoid UV rays. What if I tell you, that’s not enough. Shockingly, most of the window films doesn’t provide UV protection.

Sadly, you can limit sunlight coming across the window but not necessarily, the UV rays. If you don’t know what it can do to yourself, then let me tell you, it can give you skin cancer. Jaw dropped?! It’s the fact.

If you are living in a country where the weather is always sunny, then it’s likely to enter UV rays amid the window. Still, if it’s mostly cloudy, yet it’s prone to enter. Because persistently the UV ray is coming.

Still exposing yourself in the hot summer days? Don’t.

Therefore, you need to install window films that provide UV protection.

Hazardous Color varieties

Bored with your black window?

No worries. You can now customize your window with numerous color varieties. Such as, amber, grey, pink, blue, green etc.

Here, you need to reconsider the same precautions as UV protection, heat dissolving power and VLT while applying your preferred color tint.

Now, you can enjoy your own fusions without stressing about the protection facts.


Determine the VLT Consistent- Visible Light Transmission

There still no definite answers about VLC levels. So, here I am going to clear somethings up for you and the things are gonna blow you mind right away.

Now, you can wonder what is VLC is all about. Well, it’s a reference of how much light your tint can let come across the windows. So it’s again with the sunlight issue, and here too you need to keep the law in mind.

Firstly, you need to purchase a VLC meter which most of the law enforcement officers are carrying. All you gotta do is measure your VLT percentage with that meter. Look, it can be higher up to 50% or below 30 percent.

 It typically goes like, if the VLT percentage is about 50% then its gradually letting in 50% of the sunlight. Same goes with every number. Now. It basically depends on you. Which one you vehicle suits with or which one the law prefers.


While making decisions over purchasing a window tint, you better calculate how much light you aspire to block out.

That’s a wrap! These are the specifics you should consider before adapting any window tint.


Summertime sadness can easily turn into madness. Just a right choice away. Therefore, the article was for.

Hope, I wasn’t boring throughout this article. And was helpful enough to provide the best window tints reviews on to your desk.

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