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Bronze Solar Heat-Rejecting Window Film Review

Bronze Solar Heat-Rejecting Window Film Review

It was hard to add reflective and sharp bronze color to your window. But the Bronze Solar Heat-Rejecting Window Film has made it easier to install and make it user-friendly.

It has 20% tint. That means, darker than 35% that the company offers. Additionally, it has a higher level of heat rejection and again helps in blocking harmful UV rays.

It’s safe on double pane window. You can use it for both automobile and home window tint. It’s affordable with high durability and longevity. Moreover, it offers a unique style which interior decorator will love or may suggest you to install it.

For more idea, have a look on the Bronze Solar Heat-Rejecting Window Film Review.

High-quality material

The bronze solar window film is made up of high-quality material. So, there can be hardly any chance to get damaged. As it’s made up of bronze, so it looks a little bit shiny. It won’t crack or peel easily, but it looks purple from the outside.

As it’s of high material, so it has higher longevity and durability. It lasts for up to 10 years.

Ensure privacy

Due to the Bronze Window Film, no one can follow you from the outside. Thus, you can prevent prying eyes.

So, whether you’re at home or at outside in the car, you can relax and do your work properly. There’ll be no one to stare at you and irritate you further.

Harmful ray and solar energy rejection

Bronze Solar Heat-Rejecting Window Film helps in rejecting total solar energy up to 61%. Again, it blocks 99% of the UV rays which is harmful to us. It only allows 19% of the visible light transmission.

UV rays mainly affect our eyes; it can damage your cornea, and continuous exposure can lead to blindness. Moreover, there might be skin cancer within the eyes.

So, if this film can protect us from the harmful rays, why not to install it today!

Comfortable during Summer

When you install the film, you’ll feel comfortable in summer. You can get the difference after installing the film. Since, it rejects solar rays and UV rays, so it blocks more heat to get inside. As a result, in summer, you can avoid scorching heat of the sun.

We all know that excess heat can fade the furniture and the carpet. So the film is protecting excess fading of the furniture at the same time.

Easy to install

For other films, you may find difficulty in installing but here it’s mentioned in the Amazon feature that it’s easy to install. So I think it’s a plus point indeed!

You need only scissors and a sharp razor blade. That’s it! But if you look at the other tinting, you’ll find lots of tinting kits required to install the film.

So why not to have a try!

Both for automobile and home window tint

You can use Bronze Solar Heat-Rejecting Window Film for home or automobile window tint. For other films, you can find restriction like- only for home tint or only for automobile window tint. But for this case, you have both the options.


  • Both for home and automobile window tint.
  • Helps in UV and solar energy rejection.
  • You’ll feel comfortable in summer.
  • You can avoid prying eyes.
  • It’s of high-quality material.
  • Easy installation.


  • When installed, it looks purple outside.
  • If you want more dark shade film, go for 15% or 5% tint.


1. Is it only for home?

Ans: No. you can use it for both home and automobile window.

2. What is meant by 20% tint?

Ans: It is the shades of the color. 20% is darker than 35%. Again 5% is darker than 20%.

3. Does it really look purple outside?

Ans: Yes. It does. It gives the purple color outside.

Final thoughts

Almost all the features are discussed here with the proper description in the Bronze Solar Heat-Rejecting Window Film Review. You may like it due to the features like- easy installation, safe on double pane, both for home and window tint, etc. Reflective bronze color and style can satisfy you, and at the same time, it can guarantee privacy.

Finally, for more information, you can visit Amazon.com, and if you like it, you can place the order there. It’s the most trust able online shop in today’s world with the easy return back if needed.

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