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Install Proz Double Ply Window Film Tint Review

Install Proz Double Ply Window Film Tint Review

When you’re on a long drive, and you feel like to sleep in the car like in the bedroom, do you get irritated seeing the prying eyes? Definitely, you do because everybody wants privacy! So, in that case, you can use Install Proz Double Ply Window Film Tint which is charcoal color and hard for the people outside to follow what you’re doing. It’s little bit expensive but will work a great providing privacy and safety and security at the same time. As a result, you’ll be more comfortable inside the car.

It is heat resistant and 20%tint with stable dye. It doesn’t get purple or fades after few days.

For more details, you can have a look on the Install Proz Double Ply Window Film Tint Review below.

Mainly for automotive use

There is various kind of window tint- home window tint or automobile window tint, etc. But this film is specifically for the automobile window. So you cannot use it for home purpose. So before buying make it sure that you’re not buying for home window tint.

Stable Dye

The tint has stable dye. So it neither fades nor turns into purple. It’ll not crack or peel. Again it’ll not form bubble after getting all the bubble out.

Easy Application at Every Weather

You can apply it in summer or winter. Since the substrate is added during the manufacture of the film so, you can use it in all weather.

Just know very well how to install. Because if you don’t know it properly, there is a possibility of cracking or peeling.

For proper tinting, you need tinting kits like- EZ reach, squeegee, Non-Scratch Pad, Single Edge Razor Blade, Hard Card, Side Swiper, etc.

 Some kits are provided with the delivery.

Install Proz Double Ply 20% Tint

In this Install Proz Double Ply Window Film Tint Review, you’ll get 20% tint of the film. It means how much dark or light is the film. 20% tint means it has light shade. It’s lighter than 10% or 5% tint on the other hand, darker than 40% or 50% tint.

Protection from UV and Infrared Rays

This film blocks UV rays and infrared rays which are harmful to our body. These rays can even cause deadly diseases. Hence, when a film can provide protection then why not to use it for your window?

These rays can even make the people blind. So before it’s too late, buy the film to give you the proper protection.

Lowers Temperature Inside

From this Install Proz Double Ply Window Film Tint Review, you can see that this film resists excess heat. So during the sunny day, you can keep the inside temperature low. It’ll make the inside environment cooler and comfortable.

Limited Guarantee and Affordable Price

The Double Ply Window Film Tint has a limited guarantee. It provides guarantee against Peeling, cracking, fading, delamination and finally adhesive failure. On the other hand, the price is less high. As a result, you can keep it in your choice list.

Quantity Discount

In the Install Proz Double Ply Window Film Tint Review, you’ll get quantity discount. It’s not mentioned how much discount you’re going to get. But you can contact with company manufacturer via email to know the details of it.

Double Ply Film and Charcoal Color

The Window Film Tint is double ply, i.e., 2-ply. It means it has a double layer in the film. The 2-ply layer is much better than 1-ply layer due to stability and rigidity.

You can’t easily remove the 2-ply from the film after the installation.

It has charcoal color. That means it’s black. You’ll see everything kind of black outside. It gives a shiny outlook of your window due to this charcoal color.


20% tint can provide you privacy from the prying eyes. I know how you feel when you suddenly look at the staring eyes! So to make your journey comfortable, install it today and thus increase privacy inside the vehicle.


  • No problem in shrinking the tint to the windows.
  • It’s a good quality.
  • It’s considered to be equivalent to the economy.
  • You can block the hard sunshine.
  • Provides safety and security and privacy.
  • During accident, it holds the glass shard together to decrease the danger level.


  • You might need other’s help in tinting the film on the window.
  • Some window tint kits will be provided but some you have to manage by yourself


1. Can I use it for home window tint?

Ans: No, you can’t use it. It’s only for the automotive window.

2. What is meant by 20% tint?

Ans: It means 20% film. That is, it can reject UV ray 99% and total solar energy 36%. It means the shades of the film. Higher the percentage of the tint lower the shades.

Final Thought

If you are looking for privacy and security, you can use this 20% tint Install Proz Double Ply Window Film. It’s not that much black like the 5% tint, but this shade is also reliable for the privacy. Again you can have a better view of outside than 5% tint.

Finally, if your budget permits, you can easily choose this (36″ x 100′) rolls window tint for protection. For more information, you can visit Amazon site.

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