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Lexen Roll 2 Ply Auto Window Tint Film Review

Lexen Roll 2Ply Auto Window Tint Film -Review

Do you want 2ply window tint with standard black color? Looking for different shades of the tint? Then here you go! In the Lexen Roll 2Ply Auto Window Tint Film Review, you’ll get to know about 5%, 15% and 35% tint available for this product. Moreover, you’ll love the cooler temperature inside the car during summer. Yes, you get me right, it’s mainly for automotive window tint, not for home purpose.

You’ll love to know that there’ll be no fading of the film and the warranty is 3 years.

Have a look at the Lexen Roll 2Ply Auto Window Tint Film Review in more details and decide today, you’ll buy it or not!

Block UV Rays and Infrared ray

The Lexen Roll 2Ply Auto Window Tint Film rejects harmful sunlight UV rays up to 99%. It also blocks infrared radiation up to 20%.

These rays are harmful to our bodies and eyes. Maximum exposure to these rays can result in blindness. Moreover, it can damage cataract of the eyes.

On the other hand, it decreases the temperature inside by blocking the rays. As a result, on a sunny day, you’ll get comfortable environment inside.

So when a film can protect us from different harmful rays, why to install it to our windows?

Automotive Window Film

This film is automotive window film. Hence, you can use it mainly for automotive windows.

While buying the window tint, keep in mind that for what kind of purpose you need the film? For home or for your car? Ensure it before going to buy.

Otherwise, you may buy the wrong film in the shop.


The Lexen brand offers 3 years warranty on this film. Hence, you can use it easily for 3 years without any problem.

Various tint shade available.

Here, you can choose one shade out of 3 tint shades available. You can find, 5%(Limo), 15%(Dark), 35%(Medium) tint for this window film.

5 % is very dark, and 35% is medium dark. Hence, on the basis of your necessity, you can buy any one of them.

Mainly the color of the window tint is standard black. Now the shade varies depending on the percentage of the tint.

No Fading

The company ensured that there’d be no color fading. You can see that when the film is used for a long time, there’ll be color fading. But with 3 years of warranty, the company has also challenged that there will be no color fading.

So why not to give a try?

2 Ply Layer

The layer of the film is double ply. So it’ll be tough to remove the film from the window after installing.

Scratch Resistant

The film can resist unnecessary scratch. Hence, if you scratch it by nail, it won’t tear so easily.

Try to save it from scratch as far as possible but if by accident something rubs over it, no need to worry, as there’ll be no scratch mark on the tint.

Ensure Privacy

As different color shade is available, so you can ensure the privacy by choosing the dark one. The darkest shade will give you the most privacy, and the lighter one will offer you less.

You can avoid prying eyes and stay comfortably inside with any body posture.

Material Quality

The material is of good quality. The chip is dyed in polyester film. So it’s durable and stable. The high-quality polyester won’t let it destroy soon.


  • Blocks UV rays.
  • Resists Ir.
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • No fading.
  • Various tint shade available.
  • It’s for automobile window tint.
  • Double Ply.


  • 45% tint shade not yet available.
  • Not for home window.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I use it for the home window?

Ans: No. It’s mainly for the automotive window.

2. With what it’s dyed?

Ans: with polyester film

3. 45% tint shade available?

Ans: No. Still, it’s not available, but it’ll come soon.

Final thought

It’s cheap and affordable. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your budget. If you like the Lexen Roll 2Ply Auto Window Tint Film Review, move on to amazon.com which is the most trustable online shop in today’s world. If you’re willing to buy the film, add it to your cart and get the online delivery within shortest possible time!

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