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Mixol Universal Tints Red 500ml Review

Mixol Universal Tints Red 500ml Review

Looking for the red tint to polish to use for the craft work or wooden work? Finding it hard to mix it with other materials like shellacs, wood filler or waxes, etc.? I have a solution for you. You can look at the Mixol Universal Tints Red 500ml Review here, where I focused on the high-quality tint which is heavily concentrated and easily mixable with other components.

It’s also heat, fade, frost resistant and nonflammable. So you won’t find any problem with the storage. You can even find comfort in the maintenance of the mixol tint red in the Mixol Universal Tints Red 500ml Review.

For more details, look at the features below with the benefits in the Mixol Universal Tints Red 500ml Review.

Highest Quality Mixol Tint

In the Mixol Universal Tints Red 500ml Review, I want to ensure that it’s of high-quality tint. It’s very concentrated. This Mixol is made up from inorganic pigments which make it colorfast after the initial application over any material. All these things were not possible if it was not a high-quality product.

Heat and Frost Resistant

This Mixol in the Mixol Universal Tints Red 500ml Review is heat resistant. So you can use it on any surface which is exposed to heat most of the time. This Mixol is also frost resistant. Hence, don’t worry to apply over the places which experience bad weather most of the time.

Won’t Dry out or Thicken

Because of the quality it doesn’t dry out easily or thicken after application over any surface. This is because there is no binder in the mixol tint. It gets thicker when the binder is mixed with the tint. But since it’s binder free so there is no chance of thickening or drying up. It remains as it is after the application on the surface.

Easy Cleanup

After the application of the tint, you can clean it up easily with soap and water. You don’t need to take extra care for cleaning up. Use just soap and water for cleaning. On the other hand, for other tints, you need to maintain many things to keep the thing clean. Maybe the extra toolkits or special kind of spray available in the market. So it will cost you more for maintenance. That’s why it’s a good option to use this Mixol red for easy handling and maintenance.

Not Flammable

One good feature to mention is that it’s not flammable. So you can apply it anywhere, or even you can mix it with other paint. But before that just check it whether your paint is perfect for mixing with this Mixol Tint.

Not Dangerous or Hazardous

As the Mixol red tint is not flammable, so it’s not dangerous. You can store it anywhere and anyplace. The person who works near the fireworks can work easily and safely.


It’s fade resistant. It won’t get fade after being applied on any surface. So the surface will not get faded and look older. It’s resistant to fading. Hence, it can keep the surface as new as it was at the first time.

Easy Mixture

The Red Mixol is compatible with most water, oil-based stain, shellacs, varnishes, wood fillers, lacquer, and solvent, etc. that’s why it’s called Mixol Universal Tints. Ease of mixing is one of the most important features in the Mixol Tint red.


  • Frost resistant
  • Heat resistant.
  • High quality.
  • Easy mixture.
  • Fade-resistant.
  • Nor flammable.
  • Not dangerous.
  • Affordable.
  • Good finishing.


  • Not compatible with the grain of salt. For that look at the other product.
  • Not applicable for auto paint.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it applicable for auto paint?

Ans: No, it’s not applicable.

2. Wh​at’s meant by #10?

 Ans: it means the color code of the MIxol tint. For red it’s #10. For black, it’s #1.

Final thought

I don’t think you’ll lose the opportunity to grab the Mixol Tint Red product with high utility and easy usability. With very limited cons if you think it can meet up your need then go to Amazon now for the price tag. Visit here today for more information and verified purchase review. Amazon is the most trustable online shop in today’s world with easy return and money back system.

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