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Motoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film Review

Motoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film Review

Do you want to upgrade your window with a protective window tint which is highly rated by the third party? Because of the affordability and good performance, it has got the high ratings. So, let me introduce you to the film about what I am talking, this is Motoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film.

You’ll definitely love the variety of its usability at home or office or in the vehicles with great safety and security.

It’ll give the excellent ambiance and comfortable temperature inside during the scorching heat of the sunny day. Go through the Motoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film Review below, and you can decide yourself whether it’s your type or not.

35% Premium Film

This is the shades of the film. With the increase of the percentage, the shade decreases. On the other hand, with the increase of %, the shades becomes darker. 35% tint is darker than 50% again, less dark than 20%.

Can use in Home, Office or Vehicle window

You can use the Motoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film on home, office, restaurants, truck, building and SUVs any places that you want.

All the window tints don’t have this option. Some are only for home or office window, or others are only for the automobile window.

 So, you can see you have the variety of options for one film. Hence, why not to grab this opportunity today?

Maximum UV ray and Solar Energy Rejection

It works great for the vehicle owner because it can block 99% of UV rays.

On the other hand, the solar energy rejection of this film is 60%, i.e., (TSER 60%). The third party has tested this film and given higher ratings than other films of the same product with 3 times the greater cost.

Uv rays or solar energy both are harmful to our body and eyes if exposed for a long time. Hence, this films works great to protect us from harmful rays and light.

As a result, you can trust this product as it has got a higher rating from the third party.

Conserve Energy

As the film reject UV and IR, so it conserves energy. Hence, you can save money on energy bills.

Easy Installation

The Motoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Film has pressure sensitive adhesive commonly known as PS adhesive. So, you won’t have so much trouble in installing the film on the windows. You can apply it easily.

If you find difficulty in installing alone, you can ask for other’s help.

Comfy Window and Good Outlook

The Motoshield Nano Ceramic Film reduces the interior temperature and makes you comfortable even on the sunny day.

It looks shiny and gives a modern look to your window. It enhances the look of your vehicles and offers perfect stylish and shiny outlook.

Assists in visible light transmission and glare reduction

This film helps in 35% visible light transmission i.e. 35%vlt so that you can have a better look inside the home or vehicle.

Again, it works for glare reduction of 55%. So no excess light can enter inside penetrating the film.

MSP 35 Series is the Best

Compared to other series like MSP 70 or MSP 50, this film is the best because of high UV or solar energy rejection and better glare reduction. You can compare it from the table below.

Safety and Security film

If you want to upgrade your window, you can install this film.

It’ll protect your window and also can save you from prying eyes.

It works both as the safety and security film. Again, it can reduce the damage for any sudden accident. It holds the shattered glass together and can reduce the risk of injury.



  • Helps in glare reduction.
  • Reject 99% of UV and IR rays.
  • Reject 60% of the total solar energy.
  • Works as a safety film.
  • It’s a security film.
  • Create comfortable environment inside by reducing the temperature.
  • Conserve energy.


  • No specific negetive side for this film.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

1. Which series is better for Motoshield, MSP 35, 15 or 70?

Ans: MSP 35 is the best because it has higher UV and solar energy rejection power.

2. What’s the dimension of the unrolled film?

Ans: 60” wide x 50′ long.

3. Can I use it on both home and vehicle windows?

Ans: Yes, It can use on both home and vehicle windows.

Final thought

Finally, if you like the Motoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film review and want to get protected from the harmful UV rays and solar energy and looking for the safety and security, you can keep it in your choice list.

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