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Pro Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film Review

Pro Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film Review

Want a window tint which is safe on all GPS vehicles? I want to give first preference to the Pro Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film. In this Review, it ensures safe signaling and won’t interfere due to the non-metal dyed color of the film.

The film is heat resistant, helps in glare reduction and ensures privacy due to limo tint, i.e., 5 % tint.

For a more clear view, have a look at the Pro Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film Review below.

Heat resistant

You’ll get the film as heat resistant in the Pro Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film Review. It rejects heat up to 47%. It blocks excess heat and thus keeps the inside temperature cooler compared to outside. Hence, keep yourself sweat free!

Glare Reduction

In the Pro Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film Review, you’ll notice that the film helps in glare reduction. A long time exposure to glare light causes eye fatigue. So you might face problem while driving the car. Moreover, you’ll be less responsive to the signal. It might result in an accident.

The Auto Window Tinting Film helps in 95% glare rejection.

Blocks UV Rays

In the NonReflective Auto Window Tinting Film Review, you’ll find that the film resists ultraviolet A and B rays. It blocks UV rays up to 99%. It also rejects infrared ray.

Both rays are harmful to the body. If you want to protect you from the deadly rays, you’ve no option but to buy any of the films.

UV rays cause eye irritation and even can damage your cataract. So be safe from the harmful rays.

No Signaling Problem

There’ll be no problem in the signaling due to the installation of the film. It’s safe on all the GPS enable vehicles and shows a clear path for Cell, Radio and GPS signal. The non-metal dyed color system is not going to be the problem built-in GPS system.

Hence, the Pro Non-Reflective Auto Window Film ensures the clear signaling in the vehicle having GPS.

2 Ply Layer

For this window tint, you’ll get a 2-ply layer in this film. It’s double layered and does better performance than the 1-ply layer.

It’s tough to remove the 2-ply layer from the window after the installation.

Highest Quality Professional Tint of 1 ½ Mil Thick

The Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film ensures highest quality tint having thickness 1 ½ mil. It’s not that much thick like 2 mil or 4 mil, but it offers a slight thickness.

5% VLT and Limo tint

This window tint has visible light transmission of only 5%. Hence, you can guess that it has lower % of tint. No light can enter through the window.

On the other hand, you’ll find the film as a limo tint in the Film. That means it’s 5% tint. It’s very dark, and you won’t be able to see the outside view that much from the vehicle.

Automotive Window Tint

This window film is only for the automotive purpose. So if you’re looking for home tinting or office tinting, this film is not perfect for you.

From the Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film Review you’ve got that you can only install it on the vehicle.

Ensures Privacy

Because of the limo tint, it guarantees privacy at the highest point. You can easily avoid prying eyes and sit comfortably in the vehicle. You don’t need to worry about the staring eyes of the people from outside.


  • Clear path for GPS signal.
  • Ensures privacy
  • Automotive film
  • Heat resistant.
  • UV ray rejection.
  • Glare reduction.
  • Easy installation.


  • Dark tinting.
  • Only 5% vlt.
  • Only for auto tinting.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I use it for home tinting?

Ans: No. Only for the automotive purpose.

2. What is limo tint?

It means, it has 5% tint.

Final thought

So, what’s your idea now from the Non-Reflective Auto Window Tinting Film Review? Did you like the GPS feature? Are all features good enough to meet your demand? If you like it, you can visit Amazon now for further price tag information and purchase verified reviews of the customer. In other words, Amazon is the biggest and trusted online shop of the today’s world.

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