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T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint Review

T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint Review

Looking for window tint which offers warranty for a long time? I want to shed light on the T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint Review which offers 3 years warranty on the film.

It saves you from UV rays, pliable to the curved surface, helps in avoiding prying eyes, assists in glare reduction and so on.

For more details, go through the T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint Review below.

35% Tint

The T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint has 35% tint. It’s the shades of light. That means it’s a lighter shade than 20% or 5% tint. With the increase of the %, the shades of light decrease. 20% is darker than 35%.

So the outlook of your window will not be very dark like 5%, but it’ll be dark.

2-ply and 1mil T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint

It formed with 2-ply, that means double layered. 2-ply is much stronger and more rigid than 1-ply. It’s of better quality than 1-ply. But you might face problem to remove it from your window once it’s installed.

The thickness of T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint is 1 mil. That is, it’s not that much thick like the 4 mil film. Higher the mil no., greater is the thickness of the film.

If you’re looking for more thickness, you’ve to look for other films. This will not be the perfect one for you.

Warranty Status


T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint 3 years warranty

The T-View brand offers 3 years warranty on the film. Hence, you can use with comfort for 3 years. Once you buy it, you don’t need to get tensed before 3 years.

Good Heat Resistance

The T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint has high heat resistant power. So, during summer, you can save yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. It reduces the temperature inside and makes the comfy environment.

Glare Reduction

It helps in glare reduction. Hence, you don’t need to wear sunglass inside the car. High exposure to glare light can cause the disturbance in driving. Again, you’ll suffer from eye fatigue to a long time glare exposure.

So, before buying the film, ensure that your film helps in glare reduction.

Pliable to Curved Surface

While installing, you’ll notice that some of your glass have curved surface. You’ll get in trouble if you can’t install your film on the curved surface. The T-view T2bk3520 Window Tintis the solution for easy attachment to the curved surface. It’s pliable, and it’ll get attached without cracking or breaking or shrinking.

Mainly for Vehicle Tinting

The T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint is primarily for vehicle tinting.

All the film in the shop is not for both purposes. Some are for vehicle tinting, and others are for home tinting. Again, if you use home tinting in the vehicle, you’ll face a various problem.

So get sure before buying your window tint.

Protect from UV and Harmful rays

This film helps in protecting from UV rays and infrared rays. We know that these rays are harmful to our body. It damages our eye cataract if exposed for a long time. Besides, you can have various diseases in your body due to these rays.

So it is helping us in an excellent way by blocking the harmful rays.

Resist Bubbling and Peeling

The T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint resists bubbling in the film. That means, if the film were of low quality, the bubble could form in the film. Since it resists bubble formation so, you can ensure its quality from here.

It resists peeling also. Hence, it won’t get peeled off by scratching or rubbing.

Avoid Prying Eyes

It’s a privacy film. Hence, it ensures privacy inside the car. No one can irritate you by staring when you’re in the car. Hence, you’ll feel comfortable and can sit in any posture that you want.


  • Blocks UV rays.
  • Can resist noise.
  • Can resist bubble.
  • Resists heat.
  • Can attach easily to the curved surface.
  • 2-ply.


  • Only for vehicle tinting.
  • Low thickness.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. What’s meant by 35% tint?

Ans: It’s the shade of the film. Higher, the %, lighter the shades.

2. What’s 1 mil?

Ans: It ‘s the thickness of the film. 3 mil is thicker than 1 mil. Again 5mil is thicker than 3 mil.

Final thought

Did you like the T-view T2bk3520 Window Tint Review? If you think that it meets up your need, you can go for buying. For more information with the purchased customer review, you can visit Amazon site. This is the most trustable online shop, and you can add to your cart if you like the product.

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